Small space ideas on a budget

Anne can’t stop collecting things but she's still managed to make clever use of the space in her tiny, converted hospital apartment

The quick tour
‘Slotted behind the façade of an old converted hospital in Delft, The Netherlands, is the place self-confessed serial collector Anne has called home during her five years studying architecture. Her bed, desk and sofas are arranged in what used to be the hospital ward, while part of the old corridor is divided into a kitchen and bathroom. With lots of clever ideas and a tight hold on her budget, Anne has made a place where she could happily live for many years. But with graduation looming and an exciting new business venture on the horizon, it’s almost time for her to pass her apartment on and plan for the next stage of her life.’ live writer Bethan

No waste of space 
‘In my mind I am a minimalist but in reality I get attached to everything! My dad made the raised platform bed so that I had somewhere private to sleep. I love having that separate area'

Create a box display
‘These drawers were from the “bargain basement” area at IKEA – I think the cabinet they came from was broken. Hanging from the ceiling, they make perfect display boxes for my collections.’
‘I work, relax and socialise all in one room, so it’s important for me to have good lighting for each purpose. live stylist Abigail replaced my lightbulbs with LEDs. I thought they might give a colder light, but these are just as bright and warm as normal lightbulbs and they produce much less heat.’

Hang panel curtains as wall art
‘I painted this wall dark grey to make my relaxing area feel more cosy and hung two vintage IKEA panel curtains over it. I like that the bark motif is natural but the effect is really graphic and bold. Although my apartment is not very big, I have a high ceiling so I can be creative with how I use and decorate the space.’

Personalise files with stickers
‘Magazines are my main source of inspiration. I made shelves to display them using a KOMPLEMENT rack, which is actually intended for shoe storage! Abigail put stickers on my storage files to add interest.’
Use fold-away furniture in a small space
‘If I’m working on a model at my big dining/work table, I eat at the small kitchen table. Friends sit here too so we can chat while I’m cooking. And if I need more space, it’s easy to fold away.’
Ideas for small spaces at IKEA

Quick and easy update – just add textiles!